Monday, March 10, 2008

Kai’s Birthday Cuppies

Kai’s 30th birthday I made some cupcakes for her. After so many attempt in cupcakes making, this is considered the most successful one. I am quite happy with the outcome of it. It is a simple design but turns out pretty well.
I made the mini size and standard size chocolate cupcakes this time, and the topping is still whipped cream but somehow it turned up pretty well. At least it was not “weeping”. This is also my first attempt to make roses! Cracking roses, but managed to hide the imperfection with the cream. I am so happy that Kai loves it!
Thanks to Kai for helping me to take the photos of these cuppies!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dairy Free Cuppies

As this is the collection of my previous cupcakes record, I just can’t recall which occasion that I made these cupcakes. I just remember these are the dairy free cupcakes I baked for my friend, Angie who has dairy intolerance. The buttercream is made from non dairy butter as well. I adopted the cupcake design from Cranberry Cupcakes book. I am not sure whether Angie likes the cake though.