Monday, May 31, 2010

Whipped cream oh whipped cream

I am a whipped cream lover. I love anything with whipped cream. Few weeks ago, I got to try this whipped cream dessert in life group (church home group) that made by one of my friends who is very good in baking, Caroline Tower. I don’t know what’s that called, so just called it Cookie Whipped cream dessert. I fall in love with it after the first spoon. It is so moist, delicious and needless to say, it is full with my favourite whipped cream!!! Initially I thought it is some moist cake covered with fresh cream but Caroline said there are just cookies inside. The reason it is so moist is because the cream soak into the cookie after a while.

IMG_4402 IMG_4406

The inside look of the cookies

I asked Caroline for the recipe and tried it out last week. Guess what? I finished half of it myself!!! (So guilty of putting so much fat into my body but so satisfied).

So I thought of sharing the simple recipe here. If you are whipped cream lover like me, most likely you will like this dessert. Thanks Caroline for this yummy recipe!!!



One box of your favourite cookie (I used chocolate chip & Macadamia cookie from Woolworths)

600ml of whipping cream (full fat cream)

Your favourite fruits for decoration (I used almond flakes and strawberries)


1. Whip up the cream, add some vanilla extract and a tbps of icing sugar

2. Assemble the biscuits on a long tray, starting by putting some cream on one side of a biscuit and then add another biscuit to the other side (we are going to assemble the biscuit to make a long log). The cream will start to keep them together standing up on the plate until you complete the whole process.

3. Cover the whole log in remaining whipped cream so that it is completely covered

4. Add your topping to decorate the log of cookies

5. Wrap in the cling wrap and put in fridge for at least 6 hours or overnight. Make sure the biscuits go soft enough before serving

Hope you like this easy yet yummy cookie dessert!!! Drop me a note to let me know after you try it out yah!

 IMG_4386                             After half a log gone into my tummy!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My 1st Shaped Cake

One of me and my hubby’s close friends had a housewarming party this weekend but we couldn’t attend due to prior arrangement. So I thought of getting her something for our apology of not able to attend. After much thought I took the courage to try out this shaped cake that I saw in Planet Cake Book. This is the first time I am carving the cake and this is one of the easiest shape but yet it is still challenging to me. Salute to those who are so good in doing shaped cake.

This is my barbeque cake – dark chocolate mud cake covered with chocolate ganache

IMG_4355 IMG_4378

The shape is not perfect. Lots of improvement needed.

The close look of the barbies

IMG_4361 The long sausages


The drumlets


and the kebabs with capsicums


I hope I got more chance to try out the shaped cakes in future.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fairy Cupcakes

These are vanilla cupcakes topped with meringue buttercream and decorated with simple fairy theme design for 4 year old girl’s birthday. These are for my boss’s daughter. I made a fairy figurine for a cupcake – for the birthday girl, the rest is with the simple fairy accessories toppers.

IMG_4284 IMG_4296 IMG_4302

I also made 5 gluten free chocolate mud cupcakes for some kids with the special diet. These are decorated with a fairy crown and sugar sprinkle.

IMG_4292 I am very glad that the girls love the cuppies.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Happy Family

My gorgeous friend whom I have known since high school asked me to do some cuppies for her mummy (Mami)’s birthday. She wanted the faces of her family members on the cuppies. While looking through her family photos to get some special features of each member, I enjoyed browsing through her family photos so much! They are such a loving and fun family!!!

These happy family are formed by

                                  the cuttie little sisterIMG_3904

              the smiley brother and wifey  IMG_3907                                 The pretty sister with lovey dovey hubby

IMG_3910                       and of course the lovely and fun mummy and daddy!


Happy birthday auntie, hope you like the cuppies!!! IMG_3933

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Customised Cupcake Wrappers Just the Way You Want!!

I have seen a lot of cupcake wrappers in the market but I have not really used them. However, these cupcake wrappers below really open my eyes to see that even a simple cupcake with simple icing can be so presentable and elegant with the wrapper!

These cupcake wrappers suits any occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays or even Halloween. It will definitely bring the smile to anyone who has it, at least for me!

The best thing is not only you don’t have to order in bulk, you can even customise your own design wrappers!!

See below for more detail.

1. Lilac & White Series (2 colors)



2. Damask Series (gold & red)



3. Bird & Butterfly Series (4 assorted colors)



4. Halloween Series (trick or treat / happy halloween) 4577390289_b9d0e79ab3    4577435247_6025acc047

5. Cream & Gold Series (2 colors)


6. Baby Fullmoon Series (baby blue & baby pink)


7. Hoot Series (8 different owl designs)


8.  Blue & Green Series (2 colours)


9. Kid's Party Series (green & pink)



10. Baa-s & Choo-s Series (2 design)    4578048246_8d5b240dcd   4578112354_b1c1f21514 4578120008_155a324c5a Isn't all these wrappers gorgeous? I am sure some of you would love to get your hands on them.

For those in Australia, if you are interested to order, please check out the detail below on how to order:

Detail information of the package:

1. Wrappers have a secure “locking” system to hold them in place.

2. Size of the cupcake wrapper :

      Top: 5cm in diameter

      Bottom: 4cm in diameter

Can fits 2” soufflĂ© cup perfectly. For larger cupcakes and muffins, securing with tape rather than the lock will allow for expansion of the wrapper circumference.

3. The wrappers are made with 120gm metallic paper

4. For presentation purpose only. Not mean to bake with it.

5. Price:   $10 per set of 12pcs

Customise own wrapper

1. Lead time: 1 month

2. Customise charges

   $ 24 (if you provide the design)

   $ 66 (if you request for a customised design)

   Note: This charge is on top of the cupcake wrapper charges

   ie. You provide a design and want to order 2 dozen of the wrapper with that design, the total price will be AUD44 ($10 x 2 + $24).

Ordering the Wrappers Only

1. Each design are sold in a set of 12 pieces. You can choose assorted designs of EACH SERIES with a minimum of 6 pcs each. You cannot combine different series to make up 12 pcs.

i.e. for Hoot series, you can choose 2 types of owl designs out of 8 designs, 6 pcs for each design to make up 12 pcs for a package

2. The pricing above exclude the local postage of delivery based on Australia Post rate.

3. To order enquiry, please email the information below to :          

Email address
Delivery address
Type of wrappers wanted


I will get back to you with the availability

4. To customise your own wrappers, kindly send your design preferable in IA format (illustrator format).

Ordering Cupcakes with the Wrapper

You can also order cupcakes from me with one of these wrapper (minimum 6 cupcakes in one design). Just email me with your request.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Attempt

I received an order from my lovely neighbour to do half a dozen of non diary cupcakes to celebrate some friends birthday. No specific design were requested except for the initial of the 3 birthday “babies”.

I came across a nice vintage style of scrapbook design while thinking about the design I want to do for these cupcakes. I thought I would try to apply the same concept for these cupcakes design and try out painting on the fondant.

This is the 1st design layout with the initial of the birthday “babies” on the 3 cupcakes.

IMG_3430 I particularly like this design.


These are the cupcakes with the initial

IMG_3444 I want to put the “Happy birthday” wording on the cupcakes as well. With the 1st design I can’t find of a way to squeeze the wordings in.

After some thought, this is the final design that I came out with.  IMG_3555 I am very glad that they like the cupcakes.

I hope you like the design as well.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jungle Theme Birthday

Another privilege for me to do birthday cake and cupcakes for one of my girl friends son’s 1st birthday.

Jenn loves jungle theme cake & cupcakes. She gave me some animals she would love to have for the figurines. I did a number of animal figurine before but not the jungle theme cake. I was very excited that I am able to try out this theme.

The white chocolate mud top cutting cake with hippo and crocodile playing in the swamp.



            I managed to try out the fondant tree as a backdrop for the deco.

IMG_3195And these are the animals figurines on top of the dairy free, egg free, wheat free & gluten free chocolate mud cupcakes. IMG_3211 IMG_3217

                                   The precious moments turtle :) IMG_3219

                              The cheeky monkey with the banana IMG_3234

                                                The shy hippo IMG_3236

                                                The cheerful zebra IMG_3239

This suppose to be a white tiger. I know it does not look really alike. Sorry :( IMG_3259 And this suppose to be canary bird, sorry Jenn, I couldn’t come out a nice one for you.IMG_3289

                        This is my favourite – precious moments lion!

IMG_3278  The overall display of the cake and cupcakes for the birthday boy – Aiden

The rest of the cupcakes with the alphabets that form “happy birthday” are white chocolate mud cupcakes with white chocolate ganache filling.


Hope you had a wonderful birthday Aiden and hope you like the cake Jenn.