Saturday, May 15, 2010

Customised Cupcake Wrappers Just the Way You Want!!

I have seen a lot of cupcake wrappers in the market but I have not really used them. However, these cupcake wrappers below really open my eyes to see that even a simple cupcake with simple icing can be so presentable and elegant with the wrapper!

These cupcake wrappers suits any occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays or even Halloween. It will definitely bring the smile to anyone who has it, at least for me!

The best thing is not only you don’t have to order in bulk, you can even customise your own design wrappers!!

See below for more detail.

1. Lilac & White Series (2 colors)



2. Damask Series (gold & red)



3. Bird & Butterfly Series (4 assorted colors)



4. Halloween Series (trick or treat / happy halloween) 4577390289_b9d0e79ab3    4577435247_6025acc047

5. Cream & Gold Series (2 colors)


6. Baby Fullmoon Series (baby blue & baby pink)


7. Hoot Series (8 different owl designs)


8.  Blue & Green Series (2 colours)


9. Kid's Party Series (green & pink)



10. Baa-s & Choo-s Series (2 design)    4578048246_8d5b240dcd   4578112354_b1c1f21514 4578120008_155a324c5a Isn't all these wrappers gorgeous? I am sure some of you would love to get your hands on them.

For those in Australia, if you are interested to order, please check out the detail below on how to order:

Detail information of the package:

1. Wrappers have a secure “locking” system to hold them in place.

2. Size of the cupcake wrapper :

      Top: 5cm in diameter

      Bottom: 4cm in diameter

Can fits 2” soufflĂ© cup perfectly. For larger cupcakes and muffins, securing with tape rather than the lock will allow for expansion of the wrapper circumference.

3. The wrappers are made with 120gm metallic paper

4. For presentation purpose only. Not mean to bake with it.

5. Price:   $10 per set of 12pcs

Customise own wrapper

1. Lead time: 1 month

2. Customise charges

   $ 24 (if you provide the design)

   $ 66 (if you request for a customised design)

   Note: This charge is on top of the cupcake wrapper charges

   ie. You provide a design and want to order 2 dozen of the wrapper with that design, the total price will be AUD44 ($10 x 2 + $24).

Ordering the Wrappers Only

1. Each design are sold in a set of 12 pieces. You can choose assorted designs of EACH SERIES with a minimum of 6 pcs each. You cannot combine different series to make up 12 pcs.

i.e. for Hoot series, you can choose 2 types of owl designs out of 8 designs, 6 pcs for each design to make up 12 pcs for a package

2. The pricing above exclude the local postage of delivery based on Australia Post rate.

3. To order enquiry, please email the information below to :          

Email address
Delivery address
Type of wrappers wanted


I will get back to you with the availability

4. To customise your own wrappers, kindly send your design preferable in IA format (illustrator format).

Ordering Cupcakes with the Wrapper

You can also order cupcakes from me with one of these wrapper (minimum 6 cupcakes in one design). Just email me with your request.

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