Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy birthday Sue

Our best mate’s birthday coming up, we had an early celebration for her during the weekend. As usual, I will make some birthday cuppies, baked the cake a day before (rich and moist Red Velvet cupcakes) and though of taking my time to do the figures and deco. However thing did not turn out as I wish. I got a last minute project to do during the weekend, hence, I had to do the cupcake decoration and figures on the morning of the celebration and I only have 2 hours time to do all these!!!

Due to limited time, I came out very plain and rough deco. Sorry Sue!!! I know I could do much better for your birthday cuppies :(

3 of Sue’s favourite stuffs…….

Guitar Hero…ROCK ON!


Wii…(a bit out of shape :( )


Sue’s Dell XPS laptop (the laptop collapse and it is out of shape..sniff sniff)


Since I have no time to do Sue’s favourite SLR, so I decide to do a cute face of Sue with her SLR (inspired by Delectable). This is the most satisfying piece I have done.


Sue with her cute face cuppies. She tried to look like the face..hahaha


Ok, ready to eat her “face”!! Here it goes…..


Ounch!! It hurts!


Happy birthday Sue, may you have a blessed year ahead and a wonderful day!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Bob the builder

I have been asked by a friend to help her do some figures for her cake’s topping. After some consideration, I decided to take up the offer. I reckon it is a good way to practice my modelling skill. Also I have decided to do customised figures for customers as well :D Yes, if you just want a customised figure without a cake, I will do it!
I was asked to do Bob the builder with his cat.
Here’s the final products
Bob the builder I can fix it!!
Close up view of Pilchard the naughty cat
I hope you like the figures Caroline!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christening Cupcakes

Received an order to do buttercream cupcakes for Christening. The colour is based on the invitation card colour design. I got the inspiration for the design from Meg & Fred.
18 cupcakes with two favours – vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd filling & white chocolate mud.
Italian Meringue buttercream swirl for vanilla cupcakes.
White chocolate ganache for white chocolate mud cupcakes.
Some close look of the cupcakes.
IMG_8315 IMG_8314
I also made a DIY cupcakes stand to hold 18 cupcakes. It was a last minute job for me, didn’t manage to get enough materials for the stand, so I did what I can with whatever materials I have :
2 empty milk containers
3 cake board
paper cake liners
and here’s the final product
Glad that it turns up well with the cupcakes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Wedding Figures

One of me and my hubby’s close friends getting married. When I know that she didn’t have any wedding figures on top of her wedding cake, I offered to make her one as a gift.
She is an Arsenal fan and her husband is a Liverpool fan. So I decided to make a couple figure with the bride wearing an Arsenal scarf and the groom wearing Liverpool jersey.
I did two version of the couples. This is the first version:IMG_7926-1 Bride’s face too square, groom’s leg is unstable and at the end fall apart. So I have to redo the 2nd one.
This is the final product.
 IMG_7988 IMG_7995
Hubby suggested me to do the figure with the groom sitting instead, a hilarious way to portrait the extreme height of the couple.
The look from the back. Yes, number 8 is the groom’s favourite player!IMG_8009
I am so glad that Simon & Liza love this couple figures. They put the figures on top of their top cutting cake during the wedding.
However, I was told by Liza that the hotel accidently broke the figures when they clean up the place!! They were very upset and wanted me to redo one set for them to keep. I will try my best to do a better couple figures for you guys soon!
Congratulation Simon & Liza!!! May you have a wonderful journey together as a married couple!

Do they look alike?

Received a last minute invitation from my lovely friend Lena to attend her birthday celebration. I know I didn’t have time to get a present for her so I quickly made some cuppies to wish her happy birthday.

I remember I saw some cute face cuppies from Delectable, so decided to give it a try and make one based on Lena’s friend. I also try the design from Delectable for the ribbon cupcake.

Here’s our the “face” cupcake turn out to be.


I don’t think the “face” looks like Lena. Hubby said it is totally different :( I try to do the hair style as much as I can but turn out still not similar :( More improvement needed! Sorry Lena, you look definitely more beautiful than this little cuppy girl.

I gave Lena 4 cupcakes, the whole set of cupcake look like this


I am so glad to hear that you like them! Happy belated birthday Lena! May the Lord bless you in your days and years to come!