Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Wedding Figures

One of me and my hubby’s close friends getting married. When I know that she didn’t have any wedding figures on top of her wedding cake, I offered to make her one as a gift.
She is an Arsenal fan and her husband is a Liverpool fan. So I decided to make a couple figure with the bride wearing an Arsenal scarf and the groom wearing Liverpool jersey.
I did two version of the couples. This is the first version:IMG_7926-1 Bride’s face too square, groom’s leg is unstable and at the end fall apart. So I have to redo the 2nd one.
This is the final product.
 IMG_7988 IMG_7995
Hubby suggested me to do the figure with the groom sitting instead, a hilarious way to portrait the extreme height of the couple.
The look from the back. Yes, number 8 is the groom’s favourite player!IMG_8009
I am so glad that Simon & Liza love this couple figures. They put the figures on top of their top cutting cake during the wedding.
However, I was told by Liza that the hotel accidently broke the figures when they clean up the place!! They were very upset and wanted me to redo one set for them to keep. I will try my best to do a better couple figures for you guys soon!
Congratulation Simon & Liza!!! May you have a wonderful journey together as a married couple!

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