Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Craving for Strawberry Cheesecake

It has been awhile since I last bake cheesecake. I was so craving for cheesecake after I saw this mouth watering strawberry cheesecake photos in one of my best friend’s blog. So I managed to ask her for the recipe to try out.
Taste wise very nice, but presentation wise….errr….not so satisfy, in fact looks a bit messy :( Hope I can do a better job next round. IMG_2315IMG_2320

Thursday, May 1, 2008

For my buddy in the office

Vlad celebrated his 25th birthday on Dec 2007 and cupcakes came to my mind again! (Yeah, these cuppies I bake seems like ages ago!). I only managed to bake him the cuppies few days after his birthday. So they were the belated birthday cuppies. I’ve decide to made some of his favourite things as the topper of the cuppies. The car meant to be a sport car but it turns out like a mini copper :(
IMG_2191 IMG_2188 IMG_2189
Vlad ate all the cuppies, including the figures! Glad that you like it mate!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Unofficial Order

I can’t recall how it started, but Sheila approached me to do some cupcakes for Isabella’s 6th birthday. She wanted 25 cupcakes to cater for the kiddo in the party, and if possible to have some non dairy one for Nathaniel. I started to google out the cupcakes design to made 1 months ahead! I came across Kylie Lambert’s web site with her beautiful cupcakes, love them so so much!!! From figures, the design to the colour coordination, everything is so perfect. I am truly amazed by her work. She deserved to be one of Australia’s award winning cupcake makers. So I decided to try out her designs. This is my first time trying to do figures. It looks like play doll but it is harder than that. Moreover, I was confused what type of fondant I should use for the figures. I even used Marzipan to do the figures! I spent a few weeks to come out with the cow figures and butterfly figures. I am very pleased that it turns out fine and I was able to present the cake on time. I am even happier to see the smile from the kids face and glad that they love it!
IMG_1837 IMG_1839 strawberryshortcake
Oh yeah, this was also my first time trying to bake a non diary cuppies! The taste is not as great as normal cakes, having to use non diary butter and apple cider the cake, but the taste was acceptable. Sheila said Nathalie was happy with the cake. Phew! It was a great experience for me, but to turn my making cupcakes hobby into business was never in my mind that time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flower Blooming Cuppies

Another friend’s birthday coming, which give me chance to practice on my cuppies again! I can’t recall where I saw the design of cuppies full with flowers, I thought they are very sweet. So I decided to try on the same design for my friend’s birthday cuppies. I got myself the blossom cutter but without any fondant shaping foam and tool to come out with these little flowers.
IMG_1721 I am ok with the outcome but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Hope you like it Angeline!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kai’s Birthday Cuppies

Kai’s 30th birthday I made some cupcakes for her. After so many attempt in cupcakes making, this is considered the most successful one. I am quite happy with the outcome of it. It is a simple design but turns out pretty well.
I made the mini size and standard size chocolate cupcakes this time, and the topping is still whipped cream but somehow it turned up pretty well. At least it was not “weeping”. This is also my first attempt to make roses! Cracking roses, but managed to hide the imperfection with the cream. I am so happy that Kai loves it!
Thanks to Kai for helping me to take the photos of these cuppies!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dairy Free Cuppies

As this is the collection of my previous cupcakes record, I just can’t recall which occasion that I made these cupcakes. I just remember these are the dairy free cupcakes I baked for my friend, Angie who has dairy intolerance. The buttercream is made from non dairy butter as well. I adopted the cupcake design from Cranberry Cupcakes book. I am not sure whether Angie likes the cake though.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

My next attempt was the valentine’s day cupcakes in 2008, yes, ages ago! Again I saw the nice lovely design of Weennee’s cupcakes in Love-A-Cupcake, and decided to try out the same designs and selling the cupcakes to my colleagues to collect some money for church charity. Here’s the out come.
I don’t really like buttercream, so I thought maybe I can just try using pure whipped cream as my topping. Little did I know that whipped cream can’t really go well with fondant topping and it will wept! As a result, you can see my cupcakes topping is actually weeping :( Compare with love-a-cupcake, it is way to go!!! I am very pleased that my colleagues are quite happy with the taste and even the “weeping” cupcakes design.
I even attempted to make some mini cakes with fondant cover. It was a disaster! It looks really ugly and unprofessional!
IMG_1157 IMG_1154
I can’t believed that my husband and colleagues are willing to eat it and finished all of them! I hope in future when I have time, I will try again and hope this time will be a success.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My First Pineapple Tart

uddenly I had craving for pineapple tart. I can recalled vividly the picture of round and yummy pineapple tart just right infront of my eyes. I miss the pineapple tart from Singapore which Eugene gave to us as our wedding present years ago. They were so yummy until I can finish the whole box within a day! To ease my craving, I start searching online for the pineapple tart. Most of the recipe are normal sunflower type of pineapple tart, not the round type I wanted. I can’t recall from which web site I found this recipe for round yummy pineapple tart, but thanks to girl who shared the recipe, the tarts are so yummy! I enjoy my time making them as well. But my hubby said they looks like Penang "Tao Sa Pneah" :(
After blogging this, it makes me feel like baking them to eat again!
 IMG_1091 IMG_1092

Thursday, January 3, 2008

How it started

Baking has always my hobby. I love baking for family and friends. Just love to see the smile in their face when eating my cakes. Cupcakes to me was just like muffin, cake in the cup basically until I come across a blog of my friend, Love-a-cupcake, who is now one of the famous cupcake bakers in Penang, Malaysia. I was so amazed by the beauty of the cupcakes she made. Wow, such a gorgeous cake! Make me feel like wanting to bake some and give to my family and friends. That’s why I started to try on baking cupcakes with decoration, and it is all mainly buttercream topping.
My first cupcakes was for Sue Anne’s birthday. There were mini chocolate mud cupcakes topped with buttercream, cheery & strawberry. Making buttercream was tough to me. It was even harder when come to pipping as I was totally new to it. Thanks to my lovely friends who were willing to try on my first attempted cupcakes. It was so a satisfaction to see my friends enjoyed eating my cupcakes.
IMG_0488 IMG_0489