Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bob the Builder & Scoop

Sorry for missing in action for a while. I wasn’t feeling too well so didn’t update the blog. I am back in action now!

A friend ordered Bob the Builder with Scoop the machine design cake for her son’s birthday. This is my 2nd time doing Bob the builder but enjoyed it. Hope you like the cake Jaden!

I didn’t manage to capture some good photos of the cake, just a few bad angle and lighting photos. Sorry!


Birthday boy’s name on Bobby’s sign


Last but not least the two main characters.

 IMG_6702 IMG_6704

Simple Barney figurine for the sweet girl

My friend’s daughter is in lover with Barney. Months ago I promised to make some figurines of Barney and friends however, I wasn’t feeling too good when time comes, so only managed to come out with one simple Barney figurine for her. This figurine flew all the way from Melbourne to Malaysia. I am so glad that she likes it.
Sorry Caris, auntie will do a better one for you next time.