Monday, June 21, 2010

Sugar Rattle’s 1st Self Improvement

Finally after considering and waiting for so long, I got the opportunity to join one of the many famous Planet Cake cake decorating class. It was a very intense and tiring class I should say but it is all worthy.

Now not only I have more confidence to cover a better cake with fondant, I learned to also cover cake with nice sharp corner and cover the board perfectly.

The cake after covered with fondant without deco. Smooth surface, 90 degree and shape edge fondant covered. Couldn’t believe I managed to do that!

IMG_5119This is after the decoration. I just couldn’t get enough of the straight 90 degree and shape edge look of the cake


The “explosive” effect on top of the cake.  IMG_5149

Smooth board cover and perfect nice edge. Now I can cover a perfect board!!!


This is the final product from the class – my “explosive blossom love” 9” cake.


And finally the inside of the cake to have a look at the 3 layered ganache


Hope I can attend more of these classes to improve my decorating skill in future.

Simple and Sweet Wedding Cake

Some sweet and lovely friends want to order a simple & elegant wedding cake and cupcakes for their best buddy’s wedding, as a surprise gift for her.

The base of the cake & cuppies are chocolate favour butter cake.


Couple’s name written on the side of the cake as requested


Fall in love with making roses without any cutters and modelling tools – easy, quick and look natural

IMG_5084 IMG_5085

A dozen of cuppies with couple’s initial and matching roses IMG_5099 IMG_5105

The overall look for the cake and cuppies on the cake stand.  IMG_5072

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovely Auntie Wong’s Birthday Cake

One of our buddy’s mom, Auntie Wong, the lovely and sweet auntie flew to Melbourne to celebrate her birthday. We have the pleasure to celebrate this special day with her. Of course I have to make a nice cake for auntie as well.

After some discussion with Liza, we decided to have a small chocolate mud cake, with some simple flower decoration as auntie loves flowers.  IMG_4914 Design inspired by Paige Fong

These are the roses made without modelling tools and cutters. First time trying, but quite happy with the result.





Inside the cake – layered mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. This is the first time I got the take the photos of the cake after cutting.


Happy birthday auntie! May you have a blessed year ahead. God bless and hope to catch up with you soon while you still in Melbourne!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Orange cake with chocolate ganache

This is one of the most “memorable” order for me. Received an order say more than a month ago from a lovely mother, Wendy. I mistaken the date, baked and decorated the cake one week earlier and only get to know that it was the wrong date at the moment I was about to deliver the cake!!! Thank God I mistaken it one week earlier than the actual date – it is better to be early than late for this case!! So I have to stuff myself with the 9” on that week…hahaha!! Great lesson to learn – rely on the calendar than my memory to confirm the order date!

Anyway, back to the cake. Wendy wanted a 9” orange flavour butter cake covers with chocolate ganached, something not too sweet but rich. She wanted a figurine of her son hugging his favourite Bruin Bear. Wendy also sent me a few of Jayden’s favourite bears.

So here’s the design I came out with


The toppers

IMG_4505 IMG_4313

The side design of the cake with birthday boy’s name “JAYDEN” and another favourite bear of his clinging on the alphabets


Inspired by Maisie Parrish


I am glad that Wendy and her families love the cake.