Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ella’s Christening cake

Remember the dragon baby Full Moon cake I did recently for Ella? Now I had the opportunity to make one for her Christening! Her lovely parents left the design up to me. After some thought, I decided to try out one of the cake design from Debbie Brown’s baby cakes. I love the cakes in that book!!
This is a simplified version of the block cake based on Debbie Brown’s book. 
I especially love the bunny Smile Thanks ML & Sue for giving me the honor of making Ella’s Christening cake!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lightning Mcqueen theme birthday cake

Boys and cars!! I reckon  all boys love car!! In the last week alone, I made 2 car themed cakes for 2 birthday boys. This week, I had the honor to make a Lightning Mcqueen theme cake, one of the more popular cars themes among the kids!!
I have fun trying a few decorating technique in this cake.
This Lightning Mcqueen topper was firstly carved out from styrofoam, then covered with fondant for decoration and finally, I applied the detail and touch up. I have to say I was quite pleased with the result..
I even customised the Cars logo with the birthday boy’s name.
Happy birthday, Jaden!!! I am sure you will have a great birthday party with your lovely parents. Hope you enjoy your cake.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hoot! Hoot!

This cake was made for Zach, the birthday boy whom I just made the teddy bear picnic cupcake towers for. His lovely mommy organised a birthday party for him on the weekend with the cupcake tower and then had another celebration on the actual birth date with another cake. What a blessed child!!!
The cake design is a duplica of the Hoot cake from Blissfully Sweet as requested by Zach's mum.
Thanks Jacki for giving me the permission to copy your cake design!
I’m pleased that Zach and his family enjoy the cake and the little birthday boy was happy to see the hoot hoot on his birthday cake Smile

Monday, September 24, 2012

Special shoes for the man in my life

This is a very special cake for the man in my life who loves sport shoes!!!

IMG_5790Always the shoes he likes are all so beyond my budget (yes he has really high taste with shoes!!!), so I rarely can afford to get him one. This year though despite of the hectic schedule I decided to make him a cake in the form of shoes he likes.

sport shoes cakeI decided to just make a small cake since we have been loaded with a lot of cakes recently. So this shoes cake is in kids size 4. This is my 1st attempt of shoes cake. When he shown me the photos of the shoes he likes – NIKE Kobe VII 7 WBF, at first glace it looks quite a simple design, but when I zoom in the detail, I was shocked to find out this shoes has so much of detail from its textures to its shoes laces!!! It took me quite sometimes to put up the detail but I’m quite happy with the end result.


Happy and  blessed birthday darling! This is the only “shoes” close to your dream shoes that I can afford for now!! Hope you like it Smile 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teddy bear picnic cupcake tower

I did Zach birthday cake last year and can’t believe he is turning 2 now!! This year his lovely mummy chosen a lovely theme for his birthday party - Teddy bear picnic.

A small cutting cake with mini teddy bear theme cupcakes on the DIY cupcake stand (yes I do hire DIY cupcake stand that customised based on the birthday theme!!)


Cupcakes design is the duplicate from Hey there, Cupcake! as per requested by customer.

Top cutting cake is also inspired by Hey there, Cupcake!













The teddy bear and dessert toppers are all hand made. I’m very happy with the outcome of the teddy, in fact kinda fall in love with it. What do you think?


Boy and his cars!!

I reckon all boys love cars?!!!

This is a small and simple design cake for a 4 year old boy who loves sport cars.


The design of the cake is duplicated from The Pink Cake Box.

The sports cars were provided by the customer.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rose bouquet wedding cake

It had a rather interesting caking week this week doing totally different theme cakes. The former is a kid’s theme birthday cake and this is a elegant wedding cake.

This is my latest wedding cake. Design is inspired by Bella Cupcakes (Vanessa Iti).

Bouquet on the top tier is based on bridal’s bouquet and the diamond buckle in the middle tier is a similar buckle in bridal gown.

cake amend

This is one of the cakes that I spent a lot of time on it mainly due to the rose bouquet. This rose bouquet on the top tier is based on bridal’s bouquet. It is all handmade and there are over 80 roses in that bouquet!! I’m glad that it turns out as what I want it to be, so all the effort has been paid off.


And this is my first time playing with stencil! It is rather messy to begin with but I have learned a few tips throughout the process. Hopefully in near future I can try out more stencil design on the cake and can achieve even better result.


Oh, did I mention that this is not a real cake? All the 3 tiers are dummy cakes as per request by the bride.


This 3 tiers dummy wedding cake is for hire as well! If you are under budget for your wedding cake but would love to have a beautiful elegant cake for cake cutting ceremony and display, you can consider hiring this cake from me and perhaps with some kitchen cakes to serve!

Tinkerbell cake for the fairy girl

This sweet little girl whom I have seen her growing up – Amelie is 4 now!!! Time flies!!

Her lovely parents were having a party to celebrate for her. The birthday requested a fairy them party and her lovely mommy asked me for help to do her a tinkerbell fairy theme cake.


The birthday girl chose the design of the cake, and I did some modification to come out this fairy cake design for her. The plastic fairies cake toppers are provided by the mommy.


Blessed birthday sweet girl!!! It’s so happy to see you enjoyed your birthday party today. May you continue to shine brighter than the fairies in your life to bring glory to God.