Monday, September 24, 2012

Special shoes for the man in my life

This is a very special cake for the man in my life who loves sport shoes!!!

IMG_5790Always the shoes he likes are all so beyond my budget (yes he has really high taste with shoes!!!), so I rarely can afford to get him one. This year though despite of the hectic schedule I decided to make him a cake in the form of shoes he likes.

sport shoes cakeI decided to just make a small cake since we have been loaded with a lot of cakes recently. So this shoes cake is in kids size 4. This is my 1st attempt of shoes cake. When he shown me the photos of the shoes he likes – NIKE Kobe VII 7 WBF, at first glace it looks quite a simple design, but when I zoom in the detail, I was shocked to find out this shoes has so much of detail from its textures to its shoes laces!!! It took me quite sometimes to put up the detail but I’m quite happy with the end result.


Happy and  blessed birthday darling! This is the only “shoes” close to your dream shoes that I can afford for now!! Hope you like it Smile 

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