Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unique customised wedding couple

Received this unique request for the customised wedding toppers.

This topper is made of clay. The wedding couple requested a yoga bride and a running man groom! Such a unique topper isn’t it? The figurines post and dressing were based on the photos provided by the couple.


The running man bride with his Adidas gear, holding a coat


The yoga bride. 

I forgot to take the front view of the bride before gluing them together on the plague. This is the best view I could captured


And finally the side view of the complete topper


This topper travelled all the way to NSW!!

I really hope that the wedding couple will like this topper.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

For the coffee lover

It is the time again that I receive cupcake order from my close girl friend for her hubby’s birthday. She never fail to have brilliant ideas of cupcakes theme for her hubby, last year was the camera theme, and this year the coffee theme!

Love making cuppies for these lovely couple.

These are some of birthday boy’s coffee accessories.



and his favourite coffee – latte Smile 


Blessed birthday Keng! Hope you like the cupcakes and I believe you are spoilt by your loved one!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jungle theme Number 1 cake

Another number 1 shaped cake on request. This time it is jungle theme.

IMG_4786A lovely mom ordered this cake to celebrate her little boy’s 1st birthday. Love dealing with her, she is such a nice lady to talk to. These are the animals that her boy loves.


I’m very happy and relieve to receive a nice message from this lovely mom
“Your cake was lovely! Everyone loved it. And it looks so amazing!”
Thank you so much “M” for such a nice compliment and your appreciation of my art work. Hope to be able to design much more cakes for you in future & last but not least, Happy Birthday little Joshua!!!! God bless you!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Little “Tiger” turns 1

This is the 1st cake I’ve done in 2012. Didn’t manage to post them up until now as I’ve lost my SD card for the cake photos I captured in!! Devastating! Really thankful for the lovely customer who’s willing to send me the photos she managed to capture. So all these photos are courtesy of J!Thank you so much J!!! You are an angel!

This lovely mom wants a handmade figurine of her little boy with the tiger costume as the boy was born in the year of Tiger (Chinese Horoscope), for this special little boy’s 1st birthday.


This is a hand made figurine from Resin Clay


It’s jungle theme cupcakes tower.


The 6 animals figurines on the cupcakes represented birthday boy’s parents and grandparents in their own Chinese Horoscope, how meaningful!!!