Friday, February 10, 2012

Little “Tiger” turns 1

This is the 1st cake I’ve done in 2012. Didn’t manage to post them up until now as I’ve lost my SD card for the cake photos I captured in!! Devastating! Really thankful for the lovely customer who’s willing to send me the photos she managed to capture. So all these photos are courtesy of J!Thank you so much J!!! You are an angel!

This lovely mom wants a handmade figurine of her little boy with the tiger costume as the boy was born in the year of Tiger (Chinese Horoscope), for this special little boy’s 1st birthday.


This is a hand made figurine from Resin Clay


It’s jungle theme cupcakes tower.


The 6 animals figurines on the cupcakes represented birthday boy’s parents and grandparents in their own Chinese Horoscope, how meaningful!!!


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