Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple Christmas Gift Box cake

I did a simple Christmas Gift Box cake for a dear friend of us recently, just now to practice my skill of covering square cake as well.


The design is rather simple but overall I like the simple look of it.


As I am rushing out of the house to deliver the cake to her, getting my baby in and out of the car and pram, I didn’t realise that the cake moved and when I opened up the box, lo and behold, the ribbon crush!! Devastating!!! Here goes my beautiful gift box cake!! But the nice friend of my gladly accept that and even praise me for the beautiful cake! So embarrass!

Thank you Susan you are so kind!


The lesson I’ve learned: not to rush when you carry a cake no matter how secure and stable you think the cake is!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teapot Cake

“Better a neighbour nearby than a brother far away” Prov 27:10. This verse speaks clearly to me & my family as we do not have family staying in Australia. A good neighbour means even more to us!! We are very blessed with a wonderful, helpful and thoughtful neighbour next to us. Their live have shown us what a real love God wants us to show to other. Neither to say they help us in all areas. As the Christmas season is approaching, I want to bake them a nice cake a a token of my appreciation for their friendship and love. I came across some teapot cakes recently and thought it would be good to give it a try.


I’m not good in carving cake at all, so the shape of the teapot is not really perfect and nice. I am trying to duplicate a China Teapot that I saw in the net. Love the drawing and the elegant look of it. Too bad this is the best I can come out with in my teapot cake.


What I enjoyed the most is the painting on the teapot. It brings back a lot of childhood memory. Only then I realised that now long I haven’t been doing painting!!


A lot of improvement needed for my shape cake. I hope I will be able to learn some skills on carving and covering shape cakes in future.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeling Christmassy…

Just can’t believe it is year end already and it is 3 more weeks before Christmas!!! Gosh, time flies when we are busy!

Well, my Christmas gift arrived earlier this year, I got the chance to attend my 2nd cake decorating class!!! I have been wanting to learn how to cover perfect sharp edge square cake after my 1st class but due to the family commitment couldn’t find time to do so. Finally The Cake School offered 2 days of evening class for square cake and guess what, it is just few minutes drive from my house!!! I couldn’t resist such a great opportunity to sign up for the class! Thanks to a supportive hubby who is willing to take care of 2 kids while I was away for the class for few hours.

IMG_4411The not so perfect sharp edge ganached cake


And the cake before any decoration. Spent a lot of time trying to “sharpen” the edge!

And then the final product from the class!

IMG_4413 (2)

Feeling very “Christmassy” now, so couldn’t resist to decorate the cake into a Christmas gift box!

I just love the fabric like ribbon bow that we learned from Fran during the class. It makes the whole cake looks so beautiful!

My square cake is still not into a perfect sharp edge, but I hope with more practice in future I will be able to produce a much better square cake.

A few more photos of the cake. Part of the bow cracked as I was working too slow to get the bow done! Speed matters!



Do you feel “Christmassy” like me as well?


Monday, November 21, 2011

Roses are RED, so is this Wedding

This is the most stressful wedding cake I ever made mainly because this is the biggest serving cake I ever made – for 300 people and the 1st double barrel cake for me!!

The theme of the wedding cake is CHINESE RED! The bride to be requested for 3 tiers cake with a pair of wedding couple in Chinese traditional costume based on the cartoon she chosen.

These are the red velvet cake with raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream filling, coated with a thick layer of premium dark chocolate ganache. In order to maximise the serving for the cake, I decided to go with double barrel cake at the middle tier (this is actually made of 2 cakes, stacked together and fondant with one piece of fondant). The design of the cake is supposed to base on the wedding cake design I did for my cousin last year

However I love my customers to have their special customise design and the kind bride to be is very nice to let me make my own decision. Thus, this is the design I came out with. The roses arrangement is inspired by Whimiscal Cakehouse.


The lace pattern on the middle tiers are hand piping.. This took  me few hours and at the end of the piping my hands were totally numb!! However, I’m pretty satisfy with the result of the lace, love it!

Cluster of handmade roses surrounded the middle tier cake.


The Chinese couple figurines based on the cartoon picture from the bride

IMG_4258 wedding

Challenging figurines especially with the headset for the couple!

Now the figurines on top of the 3 tiers wedding cake


The bride also requested 6 cupcakes with the Chinese wordings on it. As I do not have the cutters for these wordings, I used the fondant to form the words. I have to take my dad for training me up in calligraphy when I was young to be able to write these wording Smile



And the wedding cake with the cupcakes set


Finally after weeks of hard work, and one full day of sleepless day, the cake is ready to be delivered all ready in the box to go!! If you are the cake decorator, you should know this is the most tedious part! And this is such a heavy cake that it needs 2 person to carry it!


I’m so glad that it arrived safety to the venue! Phew!! and I am all relief after this!


The final picture of the cake. I just love the lace piping with the roses Smile 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bob is back!

Made this cake few weeks back for a cute boy, Lucas’ 1st birthday party.

IMG_3853The loving parents wanted Bob and his cat as the cake topper, and the cat in ginger colour similar like little Lucas’ pet, so thoughtful!


I hope you like your 1st birthday cake Lucas boy and hope the daddy mummy like it too!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Peony Wedding Cupcakes Tower

I received this order from a beautiful bride to be when I was on my maternity leaves back in April. She wanted a vintage theme wedding cupcakes tower for her wedding. She sent me the wedding tower photo from BellaCupcake that she likes. So we decided to use the design of the top cutting cake with the close peony.

IMG_3679_LGCake design inspired by Bella Cupcakes

This is my first attempt to do sugarcraft peony. I was pretty nervous yet excited about it!! I love this flower, it looks very elegant!! I am glad that it turned out pretty acceptable (I hope).


I love love love the lace pattern on the cake!!! Don’t you think it’s so nice? Manage to get the exact lace pattern like the one at BellaCupcake!!!

The cupcakes tower is made up of 4 different cupcakes design – big Austin Rose topper, small scatted flowers, rose buttercream swirl & simple buttercream swirl on cupcake wrapper bought by the bride.


Love the colour of the buttercream swirl. It’s the mixture of light pink, dark pink and violet to come out this dusty pink to match the theme colour of the wedding.

Again love the vintage lace emboss on the cupcakes!!

And the final product – the cupcakes tower!!


I am pretty happy with the cupcakes tower.

I would like to thank the beautiful bride Felicity for giving me this opportunity to do her wedding cake. May you have a blessed marriage! Also want to thank my wonderful mate Sue for helping me to deliver and set up the cupcakes tower!

It was a hectic week for me preparing this wedding cupcakes tower, but all worthy after receiving a thank you email from the beautiful bride:

“I think the word "thank you" is not enough to express how much I like the cupcake tower that you prepared for me last night!!! It was amazing. All my colleagues have given very positive comments on the tower and they have even helped themselves to pack up the designs that they like later on. lol... One of my aunts thought that the big peony on the cutting cake was real at the start too.”


My 1st…


My 1st sugarcraft peony attemp!

Stay tune for more detail…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Pooh–2nd Episode


It’s ME again says Pooh! Open-mouthed smile

Yes, this is for the same birthday girl – Madison. She is so so blessed to have two birthday parties organised by mummy for her! The 2nd party was held a week after & the lovely mummy wanted some cupcakes instead with Winnie the Pooh’s theme with 4 major characters of Pooh.IMG_3550

So here’s the simple sweet design I came out with.


and don’t forget the friends!



Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Pooh

The all time favourite is back again! A sweet mummy requesting the same baby pooh & tiger’s figurines for her daughter’s 1st birthday cake. This time I decided to make some charges to the cake design despite the same figurines.

The design was inspired by Paige Fong.

I’m pretty happy with the overall design. Too bad I didn’t manage to capture nice photos due to the hectic week.


and the sign of the cake with birthday girl’s name


Got the email from the lovely mom few days after that as below:

“Your first cake was a hit. Everyone was very impressed and it also tasted delicious!”

I’m thrilled with the compliment. Thank you!

Cherry Blossom Hen’s night cake

I did this simple small square cake for a close friend’s hen’s night party. This is the first square cake I ever covered, thus, not very smooth and shape edged. Design of the cake is inspired by Zoe Clark.

IMG_3452 logoDSC_8043 logo

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the design, although it is quite simple. Hope can cover a much better square cakes in future.

Monday, October 10, 2011

M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E!

Mickey mouse is my childhood program. It is quite excited and fun having the opportunity to do the Mickey Mouse theme cake! Zachary’s loving mummy approached me to design a nice Mickey mouse cake for her son’s 1st birthday. Obviously Mickey is this little boy’s favourite. After much discussion, this is what we came out with!


2 tiers Mickey Mouse theme birthday cake. Top tier with red velvet, bottom tier with chocolate butter cake.


The birthday boy with her favourite Mickey figurines. Mummy wanted to keep the figurines for memory.


Closer look of the figurines


And finally the cake with the mini cupcakes set!


Hope you like the Mickey cakey Zachary!