Friday, October 21, 2011

Peony Wedding Cupcakes Tower

I received this order from a beautiful bride to be when I was on my maternity leaves back in April. She wanted a vintage theme wedding cupcakes tower for her wedding. She sent me the wedding tower photo from BellaCupcake that she likes. So we decided to use the design of the top cutting cake with the close peony.

IMG_3679_LGCake design inspired by Bella Cupcakes

This is my first attempt to do sugarcraft peony. I was pretty nervous yet excited about it!! I love this flower, it looks very elegant!! I am glad that it turned out pretty acceptable (I hope).


I love love love the lace pattern on the cake!!! Don’t you think it’s so nice? Manage to get the exact lace pattern like the one at BellaCupcake!!!

The cupcakes tower is made up of 4 different cupcakes design – big Austin Rose topper, small scatted flowers, rose buttercream swirl & simple buttercream swirl on cupcake wrapper bought by the bride.


Love the colour of the buttercream swirl. It’s the mixture of light pink, dark pink and violet to come out this dusty pink to match the theme colour of the wedding.

Again love the vintage lace emboss on the cupcakes!!

And the final product – the cupcakes tower!!


I am pretty happy with the cupcakes tower.

I would like to thank the beautiful bride Felicity for giving me this opportunity to do her wedding cake. May you have a blessed marriage! Also want to thank my wonderful mate Sue for helping me to deliver and set up the cupcakes tower!

It was a hectic week for me preparing this wedding cupcakes tower, but all worthy after receiving a thank you email from the beautiful bride:

“I think the word "thank you" is not enough to express how much I like the cupcake tower that you prepared for me last night!!! It was amazing. All my colleagues have given very positive comments on the tower and they have even helped themselves to pack up the designs that they like later on. lol... One of my aunts thought that the big peony on the cutting cake was real at the start too.”



  1. Awesome work, how did you achieve the red, pink and yellow flower toppers please?

  2. Hi Mrs_Shopalot, I dusted the flower petals.