Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Figurine for Shaun

My lovely friend asked me for a favour to do a figurine for her boyfriend’s birthday. She wanted a figurine of the boyfriend with his favourite boardgames.

This is one of the figurines that I am quite satisfy with.

The birthday boy with the boardgames.


The boardgames. Can you guess what boardgames are these?  IMG_7111 

Side view of the figurine

IMG_7119 The figurine in the display box



Joni put a  lot of effort to arrange this figurine for you. Too bad it didn’t manage to survive the “long distance travel” to Malaysia. Anyway it is the thought that counts. You should give her a big big “MUCK” for this effort and hope you like the figurines (from the photos).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baking Theme cake

Sorry for being silent for a while as I was very busy these few weeks.

This cake was made 3 weeks ago. Another great opportunity given by one of the close mate to make this special theme cake for her sister in law.

As the birthday girl loves baking, so after much discussion we decided to have the baking, with baking related stuffs as the cake toppers. The cake was red velvet cake covered with cream cheese, coated with white chocolate shave.

Some of the design was inspired by Creative Cakes by Julie


The swiss roll cake topper


Close up of the cake toppers


The cake in the transparent box