Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I always wanted to try out this California South red cake after reading about it few months back but never have the chance to do so. Finally I managed to give it a try today. I used the recipe from The Pioneer Women. It is quite a unique recipe having to mix the cocoa with red colouring. Well, this is what the name for – RED VELVET.

The look before baking – pretty “bloody”


Red velvet with cream cheese frosting


Very spongy and moist!!! I don’t really like the cream cheese frosting though, think is a bit too rich for me. But hubby think it tastes good with the cake. Now Red Velvet cupcake will be in my list of cupcake flavour!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hoop Star BUNNIES!!!

A lovely sister, Tammy wanted to order some birthday cupcakes for her youngest sister. She wanted bunnies themes on the cupcakes as her sister Michelle loves bunnies. I get the inspiration of bunnies cupcakes from Delectable, and came out with these birthday cupcakes set. The based on the cupcakes are covered with Italian Meringue Buttercream.
6 different bunnies figures
The greedy one…
IMG_7547  IMG_7530
The hungry one…
  The naughty one…
and they formed the birthday cupcakes
Happy birthday Michelle!! I hope you like the cupcakes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alfro Ken on the move!

My dear friend Angie wanted some birthday cupcakes done for her lovely daughter Natalie’s 3rd birthday. Natalie loves Alfro Ken, so Angie wanted the cake with Alfro Ken on it. After some discussion, I came out the draft design for buttercream base cupcakes. I get the inspiration of the design from Love-A-Cupcake. This is my first time doing fully butter cream base cupcakes. Glad that it turns up fine.

It was quite challenging to do the Alfro Ken hair especially the one with rainbow colour. It took me quite sometimes to do that. The rest of the design are pretty straight forward.


                  Two Alfro Ken playing in the garden full with flowers


                                 Close up look of the Alfro Ken


Saturday, October 10, 2009

It’s a boy!

My boss wanted to order some cupcakes for his family. I thought since they are expecting a baby boy soon in a month’s time, why not I do a baby theme cupcakes! I got some inspiration from The Sweet Spot, then I dig out my daughter’s baby stuffs and here’s the design I came out with:

baby blocks IMG_6982

rubber ducky (my daughter’s favourite)


Baby Booties (the new type of booties, my daughter has one)


Rattle (finally I did a rattle since my business name is Sugar Rattle!!)


A baby boy under the blanket IMG_6951

Bib (this is made according to my daughter’s plastic bib)


Disposable nappies (my husband said they look more like towels :( )


There’s the whole 9 cupcakes look. All are buttercream base except for the baby boy cupcake which I cover it with white chocolate fondant.


Boss said it is a bit too early for the baby theme cupcakes, but hope he and his family like them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Best ever buttercream

I personally not really fancy buttercream, I found it too oily and sweet for me. Maybe this is one of the reason I don’t really venture into buttercream cupcakes. However, I understand that not everyone is like me, in fact a lot of people loves buttercream. I decided to find out the best buttercream recipe online. I have tried out a few recipe but yet to find one which I really like, most of them are either too sweet or too “buttery”. Recently I come across a video by Serious Cake which taught about buttercream. From the video the buttercream looks so smooth, creamy and yummy. So I decided to try out her recipe for the house warming cupcakes base. The outcome is…EXCELLENT!!!

I love love love it! The buttercream is so smooth, creamy and not too sweet!

Look at the texture…


I love the colour of the buttercream as well, ivory colour and never yellow! For the first time in my life I was addicted to the buttercream! Thank you Seri for sharing such a wonderful buttercream recipe! Now I have more confidence when approach buttercream cupcakes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

House warming cuppies – order from my boss

My lovely boss called to order some cuppies for his friend’s house warming (by the way, I am accountant in profession). He wanted 5 vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd and 5 chocolate cupcakes. He left the design of the cupcakes for me. The first thing that came to my mind is “house” for housewarming. So I decided to make a house figure with the “sold” sign for one of the cupcakes design. Next is some keys figures – new house, new keys! Then I decided to do the water tank,flower pot and gifts figures which I learned from The Frosted Cake n’s Cookie. The rest of the cupcakes will be flowers and wordings.
This is how they looked like.
3 of the cupcakes were covered with white chocolate fondants, while the rest were covered with smooth and creamy buttercream which I learnt from Serious Cake.
Close look of the cupcakes
IMG_6908 IMG_6906 IMG_6903
Thanks a lot for your support and business Ranjan. I am glad that you like the presentation of the cupcakes. I hope they taste good as well!