Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Best ever buttercream

I personally not really fancy buttercream, I found it too oily and sweet for me. Maybe this is one of the reason I don’t really venture into buttercream cupcakes. However, I understand that not everyone is like me, in fact a lot of people loves buttercream. I decided to find out the best buttercream recipe online. I have tried out a few recipe but yet to find one which I really like, most of them are either too sweet or too “buttery”. Recently I come across a video by Serious Cake which taught about buttercream. From the video the buttercream looks so smooth, creamy and yummy. So I decided to try out her recipe for the house warming cupcakes base. The outcome is…EXCELLENT!!!

I love love love it! The buttercream is so smooth, creamy and not too sweet!

Look at the texture…


I love the colour of the buttercream as well, ivory colour and never yellow! For the first time in my life I was addicted to the buttercream! Thank you Seri for sharing such a wonderful buttercream recipe! Now I have more confidence when approach buttercream cupcakes.

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