Saturday, October 10, 2009

It’s a boy!

My boss wanted to order some cupcakes for his family. I thought since they are expecting a baby boy soon in a month’s time, why not I do a baby theme cupcakes! I got some inspiration from The Sweet Spot, then I dig out my daughter’s baby stuffs and here’s the design I came out with:

baby blocks IMG_6982

rubber ducky (my daughter’s favourite)


Baby Booties (the new type of booties, my daughter has one)


Rattle (finally I did a rattle since my business name is Sugar Rattle!!)


A baby boy under the blanket IMG_6951

Bib (this is made according to my daughter’s plastic bib)


Disposable nappies (my husband said they look more like towels :( )


There’s the whole 9 cupcakes look. All are buttercream base except for the baby boy cupcake which I cover it with white chocolate fondant.


Boss said it is a bit too early for the baby theme cupcakes, but hope he and his family like them.

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