Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sugarrattle Brochure

After sometimes, finally I manage to come out with Sugarrattle brochure with the help of my supportive hubby.

Here’s the brochure for download.


You are more than welcome to download it and pass around to your friends and loved one.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Golden 50

This is my first order in 2010. I received an order from my company to make cupcakes for one of my directors’ 50th birthday. What an honour to be able to make his 50th birthday cupcakes. I made 90 cupcakes with 3 favours – Red velvet, vanilla with lemon curd and double chocolate.

IMG_0079 double chocolate (dark chocolate with chocolate bites) fresh from the oven

I decided to use gold, brown and white as the theme colours. 50 is the GOLDEN YEAR, GOLD colour is a must! The frostings are chocolate ganache and Italian Swiss Meringue which match the theme colours.

IMG_0102IMG_0103  dou ble chocolate with dark chocolate ganache frosting decorated with “golden daisy”.

IMG_0111  Red velvet & Vanilla cupcakes with Italian Swiss Meringue frosting (I am not too happy with the design :( )


The “centre piece”. White chocolate fondant topping with fondant flower lace design (inspired by Bev from SugarBloom)

Happy birthday Norman!!! Hope you like the cupcakes.