Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Golden 50

This is my first order in 2010. I received an order from my company to make cupcakes for one of my directors’ 50th birthday. What an honour to be able to make his 50th birthday cupcakes. I made 90 cupcakes with 3 favours – Red velvet, vanilla with lemon curd and double chocolate.

IMG_0079 double chocolate (dark chocolate with chocolate bites) fresh from the oven

I decided to use gold, brown and white as the theme colours. 50 is the GOLDEN YEAR, GOLD colour is a must! The frostings are chocolate ganache and Italian Swiss Meringue which match the theme colours.

IMG_0102IMG_0103  dou ble chocolate with dark chocolate ganache frosting decorated with “golden daisy”.

IMG_0111  Red velvet & Vanilla cupcakes with Italian Swiss Meringue frosting (I am not too happy with the design :( )


The “centre piece”. White chocolate fondant topping with fondant flower lace design (inspired by Bev from SugarBloom)

Happy birthday Norman!!! Hope you like the cupcakes.


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