Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy birthday Sue

Our best mate’s birthday coming up, we had an early celebration for her during the weekend. As usual, I will make some birthday cuppies, baked the cake a day before (rich and moist Red Velvet cupcakes) and though of taking my time to do the figures and deco. However thing did not turn out as I wish. I got a last minute project to do during the weekend, hence, I had to do the cupcake decoration and figures on the morning of the celebration and I only have 2 hours time to do all these!!!

Due to limited time, I came out very plain and rough deco. Sorry Sue!!! I know I could do much better for your birthday cuppies :(

3 of Sue’s favourite stuffs…….

Guitar Hero…ROCK ON!


Wii…(a bit out of shape :( )


Sue’s Dell XPS laptop (the laptop collapse and it is out of shape..sniff sniff)


Since I have no time to do Sue’s favourite SLR, so I decide to do a cute face of Sue with her SLR (inspired by Delectable). This is the most satisfying piece I have done.


Sue with her cute face cuppies. She tried to look like the face..hahaha


Ok, ready to eat her “face”!! Here it goes…..


Ounch!! It hurts!


Happy birthday Sue, may you have a blessed year ahead and a wonderful day!


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