Monday, November 2, 2009

Christening Cupcakes

Received an order to do buttercream cupcakes for Christening. The colour is based on the invitation card colour design. I got the inspiration for the design from Meg & Fred.
18 cupcakes with two favours – vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd filling & white chocolate mud.
Italian Meringue buttercream swirl for vanilla cupcakes.
White chocolate ganache for white chocolate mud cupcakes.
Some close look of the cupcakes.
IMG_8315 IMG_8314
I also made a DIY cupcakes stand to hold 18 cupcakes. It was a last minute job for me, didn’t manage to get enough materials for the stand, so I did what I can with whatever materials I have :
2 empty milk containers
3 cake board
paper cake liners
and here’s the final product
Glad that it turns up well with the cupcakes.

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