Monday, April 26, 2010

This is what I called true friendship…

Get a last minute order from a sweet friend to a friend to express her cares and loves. She just wants to give a surprise to her best friend and to bring big smiles on her face. This creative “ladida” sent me some photos of her friends favourite boots and words to put on the cupcakes. I mixed up the date, so only have a half a day to bake and prepare for the figurines.

Here’s the final products, not the finest.

IMG_2722  IMG_2749

The boots, “heroine”’s favourite!  IMG_2747 IMG_2750

Cala lilies are heroine’s favourite too!!!


Sorry “ladida”. I am glad you appreciate my work  and I am so happy to know that we managed to give a pleasant surprise to “HEROINE” :)

Peter Rabbit birthday cake

My friend requested a birthday cake for her daughter’s 1st birthday.

She wanted a Peter Rabbit figurine and a girl’s figurine on top of the cake. I tried to copy Evangeline’s hair style on the girl figurine.


6” red velvet cake sandwich with meringue buttercream and coated with chocolate ganache

IMG_2791  IMG_2786 

She wants the words “Evangeline’s 1st” on the side of the cake. I decided to try out using fondant to write the words instead of emboss them. No piping involve, purely free hands. It took quite a while to do that but I am quite happy with the result.


Happy 1st birthday Evangeline!! May the Lord continue to bless you each day as you grow!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My daughter’s 1st birthday cake

Time flies, my daughter already turn one!!! I was very tight up with my office work this week that I didn’t really have much time to prepare her birthday cake. While trying to figure out what type of cake I can do within a day, I came across Delectable blog and saw this simple yet unique cake so I decided to make it for her first birthday cake.

IMG_2385This is dark chocolate mud cake sandwich with fresh cream and decorated with some flower. The girl’s figurine on top of the cake is from Precious moment (I love precious moments by the way, so happy to be able to make one for my daughter!!). It supposed to be my daughter with her sleep pal, Eeeyoer, but it didn’t turn out like her.

I used the rest of the mud cake batter to make some cupcakes that form her name.


                                      Close up view of the figurine.  IMG_2094

I made another 8 vanilla cupcakes and decorated with the hand made figurines of her favourite toys. I did it a night before the party so was quite rush, as a result they didn’t turn out well :(

These are her real favourite toys

IMG_2659 And these are the figures on the cuppies.

IMG_2390 IMG_2393

The whole set of cake and cupcakes decorated on the glass cake stand. I called this theme as “Esrene and her favourite toy” IMG_2396 Despite of the simplicity of the mud cake, I am quite happy with the result. Personally I love mud cake with fresh cream cause I am not the fan of fondant.

So this will be the new addition of my cake in the menu!!! 3 tiers mud cake with fresh cream!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Group Birthday Cuppies

My mothers’ group had a combined birthday party for our little one’s 1st birthday. So I decided to make some birthday cuppies for this special event. What straight away come to my mind is to make the faces of all the bubs in the party. After collecting the photos of the kids from the moms, these are the cuppies I came out with.


Close up of just the kiddies face cuppies


this is my daughter’s face on the cupcakeIMG_1949


Do they look alike?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegie Tales Birthday Cuppies

I have the honour to made Josiah’s 1st birthday cupcakes. Josiah is just a few weeks older than Esrene, my daughter. Still remember when Lena and I were pregnant at the same time and counting down our days for delivery. Now our babies already turn 1. Time really flies!!

Anyway, Lena wants Vegie Tales characters for the cupcakes. This is Josiah’s favourite show. Lena gave me a list of characters in Vegie Tales that Josiah are familiar with. So here comes the Vegie Tales for the birthday boy!

IMG_1766                         “ The pirates who do nothing” top cutting cake

IMG_1768                       the back of the cake with the pirate map

IMG_1730                     accompany by 6 more Vegie Tale characters

IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751

Those cupcakes with Vegie Tales characters are diary, egg, wheat, gluten free chocolate mud cupcakes especially for the birthday boy.

IMG_1725This is the look of the cupcakes arrangement.

Below are some of the amazingly nice photos taken by Keng (Lena’s husband). Thanks a lot Keng for such a nice photos, you are indeed very good with photography.


3 main characters of “The Pirates Who Do Nothing” on top of the top cutting cake.


                                            Blowing candle time!!


                                             Bob the tomato  26537_410279026741_720431741_5022526_6477755_n 26537_410279036741_720431741_5022527_70789_n 26537_410279041741_720431741_5022528_4976256_n 26537_410279046741_720431741_5022529_1934968_n 26537_410279071741_720431741_5022533_3290371_n 26537_410279076741_720431741_5022534_7647386_n

Introducing Vegie Tales!!!! If you have not watch this kids program before, try watch on in you tube, especially the “Belly Button Song”. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal Parade Cuppies

This is a dated post. This order was 2 weeks ago. I was waiting for some photos from friends to get it posted as I didn’t manage to capture much photos for the cakes again!

Received an order from a loving mom from my mothers’ group to do some cupcakes for her son’s 1st birthday. She wanted different types of animals in the cupcakes, so I came out with 11 types of animals all together, I called these animal parade theme cupcakes :D

Regret to say that I didn’t have time to take much photos for these cupcakes. I had two orders to rush on the same day and was tie up with my professional work. These are the few cupcakes that I managed to capture during the birthday party itself.

These are marble cupcakes.

IMG_1512              There are happy penguins - inspired by Sue from DelectableIMG_1513              Cutie elephants - inspired by Weennee from Love-a-cupcakes IMG_1514                             and the hip hip hip, hippopotamus


             the lovely cows – inspired by Kylie Lambert from Le Cupcakes


                 the faithful doggy on the non diary chocolate mud cupcake

IMG_1526    the sweet Westie (a special request from the customer for her lovely sister)


       The cute sheepo inspired from Delectable. Thanks Crystal for the photo


                       the tired giraff – inspired by Dulce Decoracion

IMG_1517and the main character charming Prince Frog!!! (on the non diary chocolate mud cake)

  IMG_1520 IMG_1521               The animals are in the parade on the 3 tiers cupcakes stand!!

IMG_1523            The wordings on the stars written “Happy Birthday Jonathan”

There are other animals figures but I didn’t mange to capture them all :(

I hope I got the chance to do the animal themes cupcakes again and capture them down.

By the way, Happy birthday Jonathan!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

Lovely Suzena ordered some cupcakes for her God mother’s birthday. She wanted something with nice design. After some thought and discussion with her, I came out this rather Chinese design for the cupcakes.

6 red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate fondant cover.

It is a last minute order, so it is pretty rush for me. I can only came out with these simple design.

IMG_1530 IMG_1537

            These are Chinese Peach  which represent longevity and prosperity. IMG_1543I am glad that Suzena’s God mother loves them.