Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegie Tales Birthday Cuppies

I have the honour to made Josiah’s 1st birthday cupcakes. Josiah is just a few weeks older than Esrene, my daughter. Still remember when Lena and I were pregnant at the same time and counting down our days for delivery. Now our babies already turn 1. Time really flies!!

Anyway, Lena wants Vegie Tales characters for the cupcakes. This is Josiah’s favourite show. Lena gave me a list of characters in Vegie Tales that Josiah are familiar with. So here comes the Vegie Tales for the birthday boy!

IMG_1766                         “ The pirates who do nothing” top cutting cake

IMG_1768                       the back of the cake with the pirate map

IMG_1730                     accompany by 6 more Vegie Tale characters

IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751

Those cupcakes with Vegie Tales characters are diary, egg, wheat, gluten free chocolate mud cupcakes especially for the birthday boy.

IMG_1725This is the look of the cupcakes arrangement.

Below are some of the amazingly nice photos taken by Keng (Lena’s husband). Thanks a lot Keng for such a nice photos, you are indeed very good with photography.


3 main characters of “The Pirates Who Do Nothing” on top of the top cutting cake.


                                            Blowing candle time!!


                                             Bob the tomato  26537_410279026741_720431741_5022526_6477755_n 26537_410279036741_720431741_5022527_70789_n 26537_410279041741_720431741_5022528_4976256_n 26537_410279046741_720431741_5022529_1934968_n 26537_410279071741_720431741_5022533_3290371_n 26537_410279076741_720431741_5022534_7647386_n

Introducing Vegie Tales!!!! If you have not watch this kids program before, try watch on in you tube, especially the “Belly Button Song”. 

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