Monday, April 26, 2010

This is what I called true friendship…

Get a last minute order from a sweet friend to a friend to express her cares and loves. She just wants to give a surprise to her best friend and to bring big smiles on her face. This creative “ladida” sent me some photos of her friends favourite boots and words to put on the cupcakes. I mixed up the date, so only have a half a day to bake and prepare for the figurines.

Here’s the final products, not the finest.

IMG_2722  IMG_2749

The boots, “heroine”’s favourite!  IMG_2747 IMG_2750

Cala lilies are heroine’s favourite too!!!


Sorry “ladida”. I am glad you appreciate my work  and I am so happy to know that we managed to give a pleasant surprise to “HEROINE” :)

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