Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My daughter’s 1st birthday cake

Time flies, my daughter already turn one!!! I was very tight up with my office work this week that I didn’t really have much time to prepare her birthday cake. While trying to figure out what type of cake I can do within a day, I came across Delectable blog and saw this simple yet unique cake so I decided to make it for her first birthday cake.

IMG_2385This is dark chocolate mud cake sandwich with fresh cream and decorated with some flower. The girl’s figurine on top of the cake is from Precious moment (I love precious moments by the way, so happy to be able to make one for my daughter!!). It supposed to be my daughter with her sleep pal, Eeeyoer, but it didn’t turn out like her.

I used the rest of the mud cake batter to make some cupcakes that form her name.


                                      Close up view of the figurine.  IMG_2094

I made another 8 vanilla cupcakes and decorated with the hand made figurines of her favourite toys. I did it a night before the party so was quite rush, as a result they didn’t turn out well :(

These are her real favourite toys

IMG_2659 And these are the figures on the cuppies.

IMG_2390 IMG_2393

The whole set of cake and cupcakes decorated on the glass cake stand. I called this theme as “Esrene and her favourite toy” IMG_2396 Despite of the simplicity of the mud cake, I am quite happy with the result. Personally I love mud cake with fresh cream cause I am not the fan of fondant.

So this will be the new addition of my cake in the menu!!! 3 tiers mud cake with fresh cream!!!

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