Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal Parade Cuppies

This is a dated post. This order was 2 weeks ago. I was waiting for some photos from friends to get it posted as I didn’t manage to capture much photos for the cakes again!

Received an order from a loving mom from my mothers’ group to do some cupcakes for her son’s 1st birthday. She wanted different types of animals in the cupcakes, so I came out with 11 types of animals all together, I called these animal parade theme cupcakes :D

Regret to say that I didn’t have time to take much photos for these cupcakes. I had two orders to rush on the same day and was tie up with my professional work. These are the few cupcakes that I managed to capture during the birthday party itself.

These are marble cupcakes.

IMG_1512              There are happy penguins - inspired by Sue from DelectableIMG_1513              Cutie elephants - inspired by Weennee from Love-a-cupcakes IMG_1514                             and the hip hip hip, hippopotamus


             the lovely cows – inspired by Kylie Lambert from Le Cupcakes


                 the faithful doggy on the non diary chocolate mud cupcake

IMG_1526    the sweet Westie (a special request from the customer for her lovely sister)


       The cute sheepo inspired from Delectable. Thanks Crystal for the photo


                       the tired giraff – inspired by Dulce Decoracion

IMG_1517and the main character charming Prince Frog!!! (on the non diary chocolate mud cake)

  IMG_1520 IMG_1521               The animals are in the parade on the 3 tiers cupcakes stand!!

IMG_1523            The wordings on the stars written “Happy Birthday Jonathan”

There are other animals figures but I didn’t mange to capture them all :(

I hope I got the chance to do the animal themes cupcakes again and capture them down.

By the way, Happy birthday Jonathan!!!

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