Sunday, November 1, 2009

Do they look alike?

Received a last minute invitation from my lovely friend Lena to attend her birthday celebration. I know I didn’t have time to get a present for her so I quickly made some cuppies to wish her happy birthday.

I remember I saw some cute face cuppies from Delectable, so decided to give it a try and make one based on Lena’s friend. I also try the design from Delectable for the ribbon cupcake.

Here’s our the “face” cupcake turn out to be.


I don’t think the “face” looks like Lena. Hubby said it is totally different :( I try to do the hair style as much as I can but turn out still not similar :( More improvement needed! Sorry Lena, you look definitely more beautiful than this little cuppy girl.

I gave Lena 4 cupcakes, the whole set of cupcake look like this


I am so glad to hear that you like them! Happy belated birthday Lena! May the Lord bless you in your days and years to come!


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