Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeling Christmassy…

Just can’t believe it is year end already and it is 3 more weeks before Christmas!!! Gosh, time flies when we are busy!

Well, my Christmas gift arrived earlier this year, I got the chance to attend my 2nd cake decorating class!!! I have been wanting to learn how to cover perfect sharp edge square cake after my 1st class but due to the family commitment couldn’t find time to do so. Finally The Cake School offered 2 days of evening class for square cake and guess what, it is just few minutes drive from my house!!! I couldn’t resist such a great opportunity to sign up for the class! Thanks to a supportive hubby who is willing to take care of 2 kids while I was away for the class for few hours.

IMG_4411The not so perfect sharp edge ganached cake


And the cake before any decoration. Spent a lot of time trying to “sharpen” the edge!

And then the final product from the class!

IMG_4413 (2)

Feeling very “Christmassy” now, so couldn’t resist to decorate the cake into a Christmas gift box!

I just love the fabric like ribbon bow that we learned from Fran during the class. It makes the whole cake looks so beautiful!

My square cake is still not into a perfect sharp edge, but I hope with more practice in future I will be able to produce a much better square cake.

A few more photos of the cake. Part of the bow cracked as I was working too slow to get the bow done! Speed matters!



Do you feel “Christmassy” like me as well?


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