Thursday, December 30, 2010

My very first…

My close cousin sister just had her wedding during the Christmas period. When she told me about her wedding close to half a year ago, I offered to make her the wedding figurines. Her wedding is in Malaysia. Initially I plan to order a wedding cake for her so that she can put the wedding figurines on top. However due to the budget and also her preference to have a cake that she can keep for memory, I decided to make her 3 tiers dummy wedding cake.

To make sure the figurines can survive the long journey to Malaysia, I decided to do the clay figurines instead of sugarcraft figurines. This is my very first time attempt to try out clay and also my very first time doing dummy wedding cake!!!

The wedding couple figurines made based on the gown, hair style, posture and groom’s cloths my cousin choose.

IMG_8068  IMG_8079 IMG_8080 IMG_8087 Yes, groom is the fan of Manchester United soccer!

Here’s the 3 tiers cake with the figurines. The theme is white and purple and the design of the cake is chosen by my cousin as well.

IMG_8272 IMG_8275 The flower pattern on the cake are hand paint with royal icing.

And here goes the lovely couple with the wedding cake…

IMG_8337 I am so glad that this time the figurines and the cake survive the trip from Melbourne to Malaysia!!!

I feel even more pleasure to be able to make my close cousin sister’s wedding cake! Thanks HC for giving me such an opportunity!

Last minute we managed to make our trip to Malaysia to attend their wedding. So I also did some simple cupcakes for the wedding day with the help of my auntie.

 IMG_8456 IMG_8457

Cupcakes with the Chinese wording written “forever in one heart”

IMG_8462 Untitled

Wish you guys a happy and wonder marriage Roy & HC! Hope to see you guys one day in Melbourne!

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