Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rose bouquet wedding cake

It had a rather interesting caking week this week doing totally different theme cakes. The former is a kid’s theme birthday cake and this is a elegant wedding cake.

This is my latest wedding cake. Design is inspired by Bella Cupcakes (Vanessa Iti).

Bouquet on the top tier is based on bridal’s bouquet and the diamond buckle in the middle tier is a similar buckle in bridal gown.

cake amend

This is one of the cakes that I spent a lot of time on it mainly due to the rose bouquet. This rose bouquet on the top tier is based on bridal’s bouquet. It is all handmade and there are over 80 roses in that bouquet!! I’m glad that it turns out as what I want it to be, so all the effort has been paid off.


And this is my first time playing with stencil! It is rather messy to begin with but I have learned a few tips throughout the process. Hopefully in near future I can try out more stencil design on the cake and can achieve even better result.


Oh, did I mention that this is not a real cake? All the 3 tiers are dummy cakes as per request by the bride.


This 3 tiers dummy wedding cake is for hire as well! If you are under budget for your wedding cake but would love to have a beautiful elegant cake for cake cutting ceremony and display, you can consider hiring this cake from me and perhaps with some kitchen cakes to serve!

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