Monday, June 21, 2010

Sugar Rattle’s 1st Self Improvement

Finally after considering and waiting for so long, I got the opportunity to join one of the many famous Planet Cake cake decorating class. It was a very intense and tiring class I should say but it is all worthy.

Now not only I have more confidence to cover a better cake with fondant, I learned to also cover cake with nice sharp corner and cover the board perfectly.

The cake after covered with fondant without deco. Smooth surface, 90 degree and shape edge fondant covered. Couldn’t believe I managed to do that!

IMG_5119This is after the decoration. I just couldn’t get enough of the straight 90 degree and shape edge look of the cake


The “explosive” effect on top of the cake.  IMG_5149

Smooth board cover and perfect nice edge. Now I can cover a perfect board!!!


This is the final product from the class – my “explosive blossom love” 9” cake.


And finally the inside of the cake to have a look at the 3 layered ganache


Hope I can attend more of these classes to improve my decorating skill in future.

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