Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovely Auntie Wong’s Birthday Cake

One of our buddy’s mom, Auntie Wong, the lovely and sweet auntie flew to Melbourne to celebrate her birthday. We have the pleasure to celebrate this special day with her. Of course I have to make a nice cake for auntie as well.

After some discussion with Liza, we decided to have a small chocolate mud cake, with some simple flower decoration as auntie loves flowers.  IMG_4914 Design inspired by Paige Fong

These are the roses made without modelling tools and cutters. First time trying, but quite happy with the result.





Inside the cake – layered mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. This is the first time I got the take the photos of the cake after cutting.


Happy birthday auntie! May you have a blessed year ahead. God bless and hope to catch up with you soon while you still in Melbourne!

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