Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Unofficial Order

I can’t recall how it started, but Sheila approached me to do some cupcakes for Isabella’s 6th birthday. She wanted 25 cupcakes to cater for the kiddo in the party, and if possible to have some non dairy one for Nathaniel. I started to google out the cupcakes design to made 1 months ahead! I came across Kylie Lambert’s web site with her beautiful cupcakes, love them so so much!!! From figures, the design to the colour coordination, everything is so perfect. I am truly amazed by her work. She deserved to be one of Australia’s award winning cupcake makers. So I decided to try out her designs. This is my first time trying to do figures. It looks like play doll but it is harder than that. Moreover, I was confused what type of fondant I should use for the figures. I even used Marzipan to do the figures! I spent a few weeks to come out with the cow figures and butterfly figures. I am very pleased that it turns out fine and I was able to present the cake on time. I am even happier to see the smile from the kids face and glad that they love it!
IMG_1837 IMG_1839 strawberryshortcake
Oh yeah, this was also my first time trying to bake a non diary cuppies! The taste is not as great as normal cakes, having to use non diary butter and apple cider the cake, but the taste was acceptable. Sheila said Nathalie was happy with the cake. Phew! It was a great experience for me, but to turn my making cupcakes hobby into business was never in my mind that time.

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