Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My First Pineapple Tart

uddenly I had craving for pineapple tart. I can recalled vividly the picture of round and yummy pineapple tart just right infront of my eyes. I miss the pineapple tart from Singapore which Eugene gave to us as our wedding present years ago. They were so yummy until I can finish the whole box within a day! To ease my craving, I start searching online for the pineapple tart. Most of the recipe are normal sunflower type of pineapple tart, not the round type I wanted. I can’t recall from which web site I found this recipe for round yummy pineapple tart, but thanks to girl who shared the recipe, the tarts are so yummy! I enjoy my time making them as well. But my hubby said they looks like Penang "Tao Sa Pneah" :(
After blogging this, it makes me feel like baking them to eat again!
 IMG_1091 IMG_1092

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