Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Attempt

I received an order from my lovely neighbour to do half a dozen of non diary cupcakes to celebrate some friends birthday. No specific design were requested except for the initial of the 3 birthday “babies”.

I came across a nice vintage style of scrapbook design while thinking about the design I want to do for these cupcakes. I thought I would try to apply the same concept for these cupcakes design and try out painting on the fondant.

This is the 1st design layout with the initial of the birthday “babies” on the 3 cupcakes.

IMG_3430 I particularly like this design.


These are the cupcakes with the initial

IMG_3444 I want to put the “Happy birthday” wording on the cupcakes as well. With the 1st design I can’t find of a way to squeeze the wordings in.

After some thought, this is the final design that I came out with.  IMG_3555 I am very glad that they like the cupcakes.

I hope you like the design as well.

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