Sunday, May 30, 2010

My 1st Shaped Cake

One of me and my hubby’s close friends had a housewarming party this weekend but we couldn’t attend due to prior arrangement. So I thought of getting her something for our apology of not able to attend. After much thought I took the courage to try out this shaped cake that I saw in Planet Cake Book. This is the first time I am carving the cake and this is one of the easiest shape but yet it is still challenging to me. Salute to those who are so good in doing shaped cake.

This is my barbeque cake – dark chocolate mud cake covered with chocolate ganache

IMG_4355 IMG_4378

The shape is not perfect. Lots of improvement needed.

The close look of the barbies

IMG_4361 The long sausages


The drumlets


and the kebabs with capsicums


I hope I got more chance to try out the shaped cakes in future.

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