Monday, May 31, 2010

Whipped cream oh whipped cream

I am a whipped cream lover. I love anything with whipped cream. Few weeks ago, I got to try this whipped cream dessert in life group (church home group) that made by one of my friends who is very good in baking, Caroline Tower. I don’t know what’s that called, so just called it Cookie Whipped cream dessert. I fall in love with it after the first spoon. It is so moist, delicious and needless to say, it is full with my favourite whipped cream!!! Initially I thought it is some moist cake covered with fresh cream but Caroline said there are just cookies inside. The reason it is so moist is because the cream soak into the cookie after a while.

IMG_4402 IMG_4406

The inside look of the cookies

I asked Caroline for the recipe and tried it out last week. Guess what? I finished half of it myself!!! (So guilty of putting so much fat into my body but so satisfied).

So I thought of sharing the simple recipe here. If you are whipped cream lover like me, most likely you will like this dessert. Thanks Caroline for this yummy recipe!!!



One box of your favourite cookie (I used chocolate chip & Macadamia cookie from Woolworths)

600ml of whipping cream (full fat cream)

Your favourite fruits for decoration (I used almond flakes and strawberries)


1. Whip up the cream, add some vanilla extract and a tbps of icing sugar

2. Assemble the biscuits on a long tray, starting by putting some cream on one side of a biscuit and then add another biscuit to the other side (we are going to assemble the biscuit to make a long log). The cream will start to keep them together standing up on the plate until you complete the whole process.

3. Cover the whole log in remaining whipped cream so that it is completely covered

4. Add your topping to decorate the log of cookies

5. Wrap in the cling wrap and put in fridge for at least 6 hours or overnight. Make sure the biscuits go soft enough before serving

Hope you like this easy yet yummy cookie dessert!!! Drop me a note to let me know after you try it out yah!

 IMG_4386                             After half a log gone into my tummy!!!

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