Sunday, October 17, 2010

Callum’s Full Moon Celebration Cuppies

Children are the blessing of God. Thus I enjoy doing the cakes or cupcakes for baby shower or baby full moon celebration. I can feel the joy of the parents with the new added life in their family.

Little Callum’s lovely parents ordered some cupcakes from me to celebrate his full moon. 8 cupcakes designs are decorated with baby theme sugar craft figurines, the rest of the cupcakes are buttercream cupcakes with simple bib design.

IMG_6815IMG_6853 IMG_6819 IMG_6825

                             The rocking horse design inspired by Paige Fong.  IMG_6845

                                        The stylish baby booties cupcake

  IMG_6859                              Buttercream cuppies with simple bib design

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