Monday, September 5, 2011

Number One Shaped Cake

Time flies!!! One year ago I had the honor to make a cute nice Winnie the Pooh baby shower cake for a lovely mom-to-be, and now the baby already one year old!!! Thanks Debbie for giving me another opportunity to make her little boy’s 1st birthday cake.

Debbie wanted a number one shaped cake with Pooh characters. This is the first #1 shaped cake I made! (Thanks Debbie for trusting me!!). This is a 13” tall, 10” wide #1 & 3” height cake. It took me quite a long time just to ganache the cake but I’m happy with the outcome.

IMG_2676Super duper heavy cake after the ganache!

The final product


with the birthday boy’s favourite blue teddy at the centre of the cupcakes


and these are the little Winnie the Pooh characters surrounded the cake.

Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle . Sugar RattleSugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle

I love this piglet figurine the most. So adorable!Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle . Sugar Rattle

In case you wonder, Tigger is trying to climb up to the cake while holding the birthday balloon.


I am so glad that you like the cake Debbie! By the way, Happy belated birthday Isaac!!


  1. How cute! Nothing more satisfying than a perfectly ganached cake :D

  2. This one is just perfect and i like the way you add character in cake.Very nice job.