Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cakes back in April–outdated post

I just realised that I did a few more cakes back in April which I yet to posted out.

As I have a few back to back orders that time, time was limited for me. These are the few cakes that didn’t have time to take a proper photos but just a quick one with iphone.

This Thomas the train theme cake was special diet cake. I didn’t do special diet cake, this is the exceptional for my friend’s boy who turned 3. The mountain was craved out from the cake with birthday boy’s 2 favourite train figurines.

thomas twin2

thomas twin1

This was the 1st birthday cake with plane them and the birthday boy’s mom wanted the topper with the birthday boy in the plane. It was a tall cupcake tower set with matching cupcakes design. However, I didn’t manage to capture any except for the cake. Hope to be able to receive some photos from the customer one day.

plane cake

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