Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peppa Pig…Oink oink!! Peppa Pig!!

I was so excited when I received the order to do a "Peppa Pig" themed cake. My munchkin loves Peppa Pig so I was pretty familiar with this cute little piggie!

This is the cake for the beautiful Chloe who turned 2-years old last week. All of the figurines you see are handmade!! Obviously, Chloe loves Peppa Pig. Her lovely mum even designed this cake with me. It was my pleasure dealing with  Chloe's mum, who not only liked my cake art, but also understands and appreciates the effort that goes into each of our unique and customised designs.

Happy birthday, little Chloe!!! I believe you were spoilt by your parents and I hope you enjoyed the cake!
Now the theme song of Peppa Pig is playing in my head...Peeeeeppa Pig, Peeeppa Pig!!!
well….OINK OINK!!

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