Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st Clay Figurines Class

Well, this is really an out-dated post. I just realised that I never had a chance to post this. End of last year December, I had a chance to go for an intensive clay class with a very good clay master in Penang while having a holiday visiting family and friends there. It was an intensive clay class so to speak before I have very limited time to spare for the class, thus, accumulatively I only managed to spend 2 days to learn 6 cute human figurines! These figurines are made of resin clay – the best clay I ever play with so far!!! Light weight, flexible and durable, and it is air dry clay!


                                      postman that delivers loves!


                                                               the cute garden fairy


However, I am very pleased with the result and I’ve learned a lot of skill from the master from modelling the figurine from head to toe, to colouring and handling it. I fall in love with clay after this. It is much more “versatile” with compare with fondant and so fun to play with.


                                                               the super boy!!!


                   the princess party girl!

And the great thing is that I was able to bring back all the figurines I made in the hand carry box without any damage!! I really hope I have opportunity to learn more from the master in future if I ever have some spare time when I am in Penang.


  1. Great works, who is the clay master? Just wondering in case by any chance I will be in Penang oneday :)

  2. Thx Sandra. I learned from a centre called KhingArt in Penang