Monday, September 14, 2009

Born of Sugar Rattle

Amelie’s birthday cupcakes really give me much more confidence and confirmation to kick start my cupcake business. Weennee from Love-A-Cupcake once told me, as long as I have passion, I already win half of the battle. Yes, I have the passionate to make beautiful cupcakes for people. After much discussion with hubby, we decided to “JUST DO IT”! I passed the most important job to my husband – to think of the business name! He wanted a name which is totally not related to cupcakes. He thought it would be boring to have a name like “xxx cupcakes” or “cupcakes of xxx”. So ta-da, here comes “SUGAR RATTLE”. Maybe he got the idea from seeing the smile in our daughter’s face playing her rattle everyday? But I love the name. Hope our Sugar Rattle will be able to bring the smile to people’s face like how my daughter’s rattle brings the smile to her face!

Here’s how the web site looks like. Feel free to browse through.

Fullscreen capture 28092009 40618 PM.bmp

I yet to set up the domain for the web site. Will update when I set up the domain.

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