Friday, September 25, 2009

For my dearest

Have been making a lot of cupcakes for friends’ birthday but never once I make cupcakes for my own family member! My husband celebrated his big 30 this year. His company “culture” required the birthday boy/girl to bring their own cake to the company to celebrate with the rest. So hubby thought it would be nice if I can make some cuppies for him instead of buying cake outside.
I let him decides what he wanted for his cuppies. He wants figures of his favourite things on top of the cupcakes. These are his list:
1. Soccer ball
2. Liverpool jersey
3. Figure of his favourite soccer player Gerrard – errghh, I don’t think I can do it.
4. Figure of two Samurai X characters – challenging

5. Slamdunk figure
6. Soccer shoes
I took up the challenge to do all these figures except for Gerrard’s figure. I am worry that I will turn him until some sort of unrecognised doll!
Soccer ball and soccer shoes are not too tough. These are the two items I did first.  
I have to google out the Samurai X characters and studied them in detail. It took me 2 hours at least to finish one figure of the samurai. I basically have to look at picture of the Samurai while making each part of the figure. Pretty happy with the result for Rurouni Kenshin Samurai figure, but the face of another Samurai (didn’t know the name) looks weird :(
 IMG_6690 IMG_6701
I am pretty happy with Slamdunk figure too.
IMG_6657The rest of the cuppies is just with happy birthday wording, but I am not too happy with the design, looks messy and the colour coordination of the cupcakes are not too good. An area for me to improve on.
Happy birthday darling…glad that you like the cupcakes and thanks for your support always! 
IMG_6622 IMG_6634

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