Saturday, September 12, 2009

First official order!

Since the last cupcakes I made, I haven’t been making cupcakes for very long, properly due to hectic schedule, then pregnancy after that the baby. After the bub, I have been hoping to work from home, however, due to my work nature, it is pretty hard. Hubby and some friends keep encouraging me to start up my cupcakes business as they think I will do well with it. However, looking at so many excellent cupcakes sellers out there, I just don’t think I am good enough to sell my cupcakes. Anyway, few months ago, Suzanne approached me, asking whether I am interested to do Amelie’s 1st birthday cake, she wanted to be my first customer for my future business. Without any hesitation, I said “Yes”! I was very excited to come out with nice beautiful cake for little cute Amelie!
Suz wanted vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd fillinh. She suggested to have Amelie’s figure and dog on the cake & cupcakes since Amelie loves dogs. The rest of the cuppies can be just simple flowers design. As usual, I did my research online and learned to do the dog figures from the net by Wayne and Aine. The rest of the flower cupcakes, I adopted some ideas from Kylie Lambert, my favourite cupcakes maker.
I started doing the little girl and dog’s figures one month earlier just in case I can’t get it done on time. But to my surprise I didn’t spend much time on them, maybe like 10-15 min per figure. I am pretty happy with them.
IMG_4246 IMG_4273

I did the flowers after that but they are just the simple flowers. Not much time spent on that. Next I did some bees and lady bugs to put on the mini cupcakes for the little kiddo and also some on the top cutting cake.
5 designs of cuppies look like these:

IMG_1991    IMG_5630IMG_5622 IMG_5625


I think the most challenging part for me is to cover the top cutting cake with fondant. This is my first time covering cake with fondant! There’s possibility that I will tear the fondant, or fondant too thin or too thick. Thanks to the video guide from Planet Cake, I learned some of the technique from them. I covered my cake with a layer of chocolate ganache before hand (which was taught in Planet Cake book). It helps a lot to smoother the cake surface before covering. I really thank God that I am able to cover the cake without making a big mess out of it even though the fondant is a bit dry. I know I can’t do it alone without prayer. Here is the final product of the top cutting cake.
I am glad everything turn out well, and the Toh’s are very happy with the cakes. I also received a lot of positive feedback from the guests of the party about my cupcakes. It gives me more confidence to consider starting my cupcake business.
Thanks a lot Suz & Derrick for taking the risk and giving me this great opportunity to practice. And also thank you little cutie Amelie for enjoying my little cuppies!

P.S Thanks to Keng for his photography on the flower cuppies! Your photography skill make my cuppies look so yummy!

IMG_5747 - Copy

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